Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 47 - Happy Birthday Elisa

How can the youngest in our family suddenly be four?? Elisa is definitely coming into her own now. She has a stubborn streak that either makes us laugh or gets us frustrated, but at least she's demonstrating her own mind and character. This week was spent preparing for her party, buying supplies, wrapping gifts, planning party activities etc. She ended up having a really wonderful day with family and friends. It meant a lot to me that she had friends from kindy there, as previous birthdays she only had family. Now she is in kindy 3 days a week, she is making her own friends for the first time, and that makes my heart glad. You can see it in detail HERE.

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1 comment:

WittyPrmt91 said...

Hi, Elisa. You are very cute. Your dad's surely lucky. I caught my eyes on your blog, like 10 mins ago. And already I like your family and blog. By the way you describe her you are very close to her. Hope she stays the same cute thing as she is now.