Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 45 - The Lord in our lives

I am mindful that all our blessings come from above, so wanted to show a little example of how we welcome Jesus Christ into our home. We have family home evenings on Mondays, Church on Sundays, and I am Secretary for the Relief Society at church, so I will occasionally have meetings, or be busy doing the newsletter, updating the Relief Society blog etc. We have family prayers daily, and try to teach the kids wholesome values that will strengthen their characters and hold them in good stead as they grow. We are teaching our girls modesty in the way they dress now, so come the teenage years they will already know the standard, and won't feel the rules are being changed on them. I have a strong testimony of our Lord and Savior, and I know that all good things come through Him and through our faith. I pray our girls will build their own testimony of Him in time. You can see this layout clearer HERE.

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