Thursday, February 3, 2011

My plan for 2011 - P12

OK, so I mentioned earlier that I had a different plan for documenting our family life in 2011. Doing Project 365 two years in a row was great, but time intensive. This year I wanted to simplify things a little. OK, a lot. I decided a monthly summary would be best, and Biograffiti's My Life and Story (and Add-on set) is going to help me do that.

Now I realise for some people P12 means to take one photo a month and scrap that. For me this means to take a selection of all the photos from the month, and scrap them.

There's no set number of photos for each month either - I just choose however many pictures I want to represent that month and pop them onto the template. I may end up with a double page spread for the month, or I may end up with three or four pages if we've been particularly busy. And the best thing? I don't have to embellish it at all. That alone is going to save me a ton of time.

I'm going to be consistent with my date and font, to give the book a cohesive look, and have chosen Simply Stamped Alpha by Zoe Pearn for the titlework, and Museo Slab font for the journalling. What do you think?

Thinking ahead to when it's time to print, I have reduced the size of the template slightly to allow for wider page borders. This means there'll be nothing cut off in the printing process.

So that's my plan. I'm excited about it actually. I love the clean look, and that I get to include a whole lot of photos. There's enough room for journalling, and I can always replace a photo spot with more journalling if I want to. Now tell me, what are you doing to record your year?