Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 11 - Daddy Time

I just cannot say enough good things about DH. He is everything I ever wanted for my kids. He is patient with them (more so than I), he is active in their daily lives, and he loves them to distraction. I will do a layout later in the year about his personal qualities/hobbies/quirks, but this week I just wanted to concentrate on what a great Dad he is. One of our activities this week was a ferry ride from the city across to Devonport. The panoramic background photo was our view looking back at the city.

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Molly said...

As always your P365 pages just blow me away. I love them, love the photos and the story telling! My gosh what a treasure you will have at the end of the year!

Yin said...

LOVE your pages SO MUCH, Jacintha! The way you're focusing on a theme each week, and the full double page backgrounds are just so fantastic!

lightwriter said...

Your pages are amazing!!! I bought the blending masks from Mrs. Wresh to copy your panaramic photo but I'm not sure how to use them. Any tips?